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Driftwood question

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I have an old piece of carved driftwood that I would like to maybe put in my tank. I think it would be OK other than it has a few words written on the bottom of it in thin-tipped permanent ink/marker from 1988. Would it be OK to use? Probably not I know but am thinking maybe since it's been almost 25 years ago that it was written on it might be safe????
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Permanent writing does come off in water, I wouldn't risk it.
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It doesn't sound like a good idea to me either. Not knowing what type of wood it is, I wouldn't put it in my tank.
Thanks for the replies Olympia & thekoimaiden! Glad I asked before taking a chance : )
If it's something that you think would really pop, would it be possible/advisable to submerse it by itself in a tank or bucket and monitor the water parameters for a week or two to make sure it wasn't making the water unhealthy?
That's not a good idea either. Simply because I doubt the wood would change pH, hardness, ammonia, etc, anything we can measure. It would most likely release stuff from the permanent maker (have you smelt those things!?) that you wouldn't know where there.
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