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Ok so my female beta fish Princess Peach has dropsy, I'm pretty sure it was caused by over feeding and stress ( she was in a divided tank with a male she could see all the time and I admit I am always in such a rush sometimes instead of five pellets I have dropped in 7-10 and thought "meh it will be fine" )
I didn't realize she was bloated but now that I think about it she was getting bigger then usual, as soon as I saw her pine coning when I got home I had my Dad rush me to the store to get some epsom salt and other supplies, it's been two days and I gave her one salt dip the first night at 9pm, then yesterday I gave her one at 6:30 pm and 10:00 pm, I'm wondering if I should space them out more though? I get up at 5:30 am for school but I could get up at 5:00 am for sure if she needs it. Right now she is in a hospital tank (I plan to keep her there though if she makes it) here is the set up

Tank : 5 gal
Heated : yes
Filter : no
Cycled : probably not no just filled it two days ago
Meds in use : Tetra Fungus Guard, aquarium salt, salt dips 2 times a day

And here is a general description of her and how she is doing


Color loss
White belly
Stress stripes
slight pine coning

but she also is acting like this

just as sassy as before
Still eats
Moves around fine
Still terrifying and will try to attack if you so much as LOOK at her
Doesn't seem too stressed when given the dips

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up but her acting just as b**chy as before comforts me

Questions I have
1. Am I using the right meds?

2. How severe do you think this is biased on her description

3. Does feeding change because she has a blockage?

4. Anything else I should be doing?

Please and thank you

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1. I don't know about the meds, sorry. :/

2. Dropsy is usually incurable, but she doesn't sound too bad. she may have a chance!

3. Yes, you should stop feeding her completely until she gets better. bettas can last a long time without food, so don't worry. :)

4. Since your tank is not cycled, you should be doing water changes, and I feed my bettas 1-3 pellets a day, not 5.

Good luck! hopefully someone else can help more.

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Ah thank you :)
Oh the pellets I feed her are really tiny and I'm supposed to feed her five haha
She won't be too happy about the no food pff she's a little fatty lol
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