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Dumbo bettas

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i was a betta on a petstore this days and he was classified as dumbo, what does this mean? the guy in the store said it was related to the fin size...if so, whats the smallest size of the fins, whatevers, to be considered a dumbo?
also it seemed to have trouble swimming...can you explain me why?
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A dumbo or elephant ear betta has abnormally large pectoral fins. There could be many reasons it was having issues swimming so without more information about its living conditions ect can't really diagnose
A dumbo or Elephant Ear (EE) have large pectoral fins. They are supposed to be at least 1/3 the length of the fish's body. Some people say that EE can have trouble swimming because of their large pectoral fins, but my EE swims perfectly fine. There could be a million reasons to why the fish in the store had trouble swimming, including SBD and other issues.
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