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20 litres or gallons??
Exactly what I was thinking. Surely that tank can't be 20 litres it
Hi, I know that the wilds section isn’t active but hopefully some lurkers or future viewers find this interesting!

I currently have 4 betta edithae, all sourced from a local fish store. 1 is female & 3 are male, all living in a 20L, along with some sparkling gouramis. I don’t know what the recommended sex ratio is but with them being mouthbrooders and peaceful, this ratio has worked for me so far. For reference here is a photo of the tank, there are lots of java ferns & anubias plants, along with driftwood. I plan on adding some pots so there will be more hides but I haven’t gotten around to it quite yet.
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I’ve had them for a little bit (started with 2 males, finally got a female as well) and I love these fish so much. It is so interesting to watch them show off and interact. Here’s one of the males displaying:
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I only got the female about a week or so ago and day before yesterday, I noticed she was a little round. Well, nature took its course and I guess she found a male up to her standards! When I checked on them today, she was guarding a male who had a veryyyy full mouth. Honestly, I think she looks rather proud of herself, lol. Here is her and her boy, she is the stripey one.

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I am expecting him to swallow the eggs but I will try to update this thread if anything happens! Kind of hoping they won’t be be TOO successful of parents because I don’t know if there is a huge market for these guys because they are not as flashy but time will tell.

Thanks for reading and I hope it peaked your interest!
Love the set up, those Bettas are so cute!
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