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So I got a Elephant ear betta 2 weeks ago. Everything seems fine so far.

I noticed during most of the day he swims around just fine, doing his thing. He comes up for food normally like always too. But around the late hours in the day, he's usually resting at the bottom of his tank. If I put my finger close to the tank, he swims around again noticing my finger and sometimes flares (he's always flared at me).

I heard that elephant ear bettas get tired more often?

I also heard that making them flare daily is good for them if they are inactive?

My sis has a veiltail betta which is always energetic LOL so I was wondering if elephant ears were just less active or should I be worried? xD

His tank is 5 gal/heated/filtered so he has plenty of room!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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