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Elite Submersible Question

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Hello there,
I've recently found that my Elite will sometimes get this white waxy subsistence almost growing around the base area close to where the adjustment knob is. It sometimes happens around my thermometer too, around the suction cup. Is this something I should worry about? Or is it just protein?

Many thanks,
Jinx AKA 'Malcolm
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theres been a thread for this already somewhere. dont worry about harming the fish with such residue. one betta even ate the stuff and had no ill effects. if i recall its some harmless bacterial or protein residue, gotta find the thread for it. just wipe it off when you do a wc and repeat it when it comes back.

though i do find some other issue with the 25w elite mini that i need to email hagen for. seem slike the teflon seal for the head slips out from the control head. the thing still works well though its just weird.
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