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Empty Tanks :-(

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All my bettas and tanks are almost gone since Im moving to about a weeks time :shock: real nervous and excited. Its so depressing seeing all these empty tanks all over the place. Only 7 fighters left now....

But the marble dragon pair I was going to use for F2 have been given to a breeder who knows his stuff so Im happy they will be put to good use. Ill be able to see how they turn out as well on our nz fighter page :-D
And Ive given a little red betta and tank to my sister so hopefully she gets the betta bug

But all is not lost! Look at the bettas you can get in oz, its like heaven! And they are in QLD which is where Im going, what a happy coincidence
Cant wait to get all settled into oz so I can get me some new bettas

oooh especially these
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You're moving to Australia? That sounds exciting! Best of the luck with the move.

And lucky you. I follow Fishchick's Youtube channel, but I'll never be able to own one from her. Maybe I'll live vicariously through you. >:D
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