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Endler's Livebearer

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I have a 37g planted with a female betta, 5 neon tetras, 3 glow lights tetras, 3 otos, and 6 amano shrimps. I would like to add a few endler's livebearer, very small 1 inch fish. My betta doesn't bother any of the fish in the tank, but the endler's way more colorful then tetras. I wonder if this is going to be a hit or miss, but I would like some people's opinion on this before I even try. Oh I forgot to mention I use 306 Fluval canister filter. I hope I'm not over stocking, and i don't feel like using aquarium stocking calculator, because I just got off of work. Lol
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Not overstocked at all!! Let's put it this way: here's the stocking for my 29: 10 corydoras habrosus, 16 Ember Tetras, 6 Gelius Barbs, 6 Otocinclus, 1 Dario Dario, 2 Guppies, 1 Tiger Endler and currently 1 male Betta soon to be switched out with 3 Vaillanti Gouramis!

So with your 37 you're doing very well, it also helps that it's fully planted which really accounts for the majority of your ammonia. But you have all small fish as I do which means you can stock more than the normal "1 inch per gallon" thingy which isn't true to go by anyway but yeah, you can add as many as you like if they're all males! They're pretty clean fish for being in the livebearer family!
Thanks lilnaugrim, I like small bioloads, and I found a site where I can find pure endler's, not hybrid endler guppies. Heres the site
My wallet is going to hurt lol
Oooh nice plants too! Great site but yeah, good luck on putting the band aids on your wallet haha.
Yeah tell me about it, I'm also taking a AK47 to my wallet by getting plants from Planted aquarium central, and I going to my LFS today for some ferts. -_-
oh lol, good luck then! I do love PAC though, even grown emersed, they generally acclimate in a week or two anyway ^_^ by that point my plants have already doubled! It's worth it to me!
I found Endlers a bit too frenetic for my Bettas' comfort. I do have some very colorful and much calmer male Tuxedo hybrids I bought from a friend. My male Dwarf Panda Guppies are also less frenetic than the Endlers. My pureline Endlers were nippy, too.

Don't get me wrong, I love Endlers but they were a bit much. They now reside in a 10.
Endlers are also notorious jumpers so watch how they react to your betta. They may try to escape and end up floor jerky!
Endlers are also notorious jumpers so watch how they react to your betta. They may try to escape and end up floor jerky!
You got that right.

I forgot to add, I'd get more Neon Tetras as they do best in shoals of at least six but more is better.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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