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I received an alert from my town today that our water is contaminated by E-Coli. Moving forward I have a plan in place using bottled and/or boiled water on my tanks until this is resolved. I do have a couple questions.

This has to do with a new planted tank that is a month in cycling. There are no fish yet, but I planned to add a betta very soon. There are snails in there currently. I did a large water change on Tuesday and this is the day the water sample was tested positive by my town.

I’m not really sure what to do, besides big water changes. I do use a filtration system by Hydroviv on our tap. I reached out to the company and they said they can’t make claims that they remove the bacteria but they said there’s a chance that it may have been filtered out due to the micron size of the filters, but said still follow boil order notice.

I just want to see if my tank is now completely unsafe and for how long. I started the cycle with Stability for 7 days and used seeded media from a mature tank to initiate the cycle but I’m worried about the tank and more worried about adding my betta.

He’s perfectly comfortable in his temporary tank so I am in no rush to move him (although I’m also looking forward to moving him as soon as possible) but I want to double check this should be taken care of with large daily water changes making it safe for him? And any sense on a timeline? I know good bacteria can and could potentially outcompete the bacteria, but I still am curious if anyone has experienced this.

Also, all my fish are fine. Same with the snails.

Thanks so much! I appreciate your help!
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