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Everything A-OK?

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Hey folks! First post here. Just wanted ya'lls opinion on my fish and setup. I bought Ozymandias 3 days ago from Petsmart. He's in a gallon aquarium with a heater keeping everything at about 76-78. Water gets changed 50% everyday and sits for 24 hours prior to him swimming in it (plus it gets hit with a dechlorinator/conditioner) I was happy to see his first bubble nest today, and he exhibits curiosity towards people passing by his bowl. But he seems to just be picking at his food and has developed a small pinhole in his tail. I don't know if I accidentally tore his fin when taking him out of his tank to clean the water or if maybe it's fin rot? He seemed to be healthy in the store. Flares when presented with a mirror, but seems to be a little lethargic in general. I feel like a parent with a newborn, obsessing over every sneeze and hiccup! Thanks for your responses.
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you sound like me. are you brand new at betta keeping? i got my first (and presently only) boy last weekend, but no bubble nest! his tank is the same size but doesn't sound nearly as good as yours.
Welcome to the hobby and the forum! Like many of us here you may find it hard to stop at just one. :lol:

About the food: some bettas can be picky eaters. Try withholding food for a few days. He could also be adjusting to his new environment. Give him a few days to adjust before you feed him again. The other problem could be that his food is too large for him to swallow. Does it look bigger than his mouth? If that is the case you could try cutting the pellets with a knife or getting smaller pellets.

Now onto the hole: It sounds like he might have torn his fin on something. That's no big deal. If it doesn't look like anything in his tank did it, then there is no need to worry. Often times we want to jump the gun and begin treating before symptoms appear. The best thing you can do for a torn fin is to give him clean, warm water and good food. So just keep doing what you are doing and he should be fine. If you begin to see red or black edging on the fin, then you should start worrying.
Hey - nice name! The fish, I mean. :lol:

I've owned bettas for a total of.. three weeks. Bought fish, did homework, freaked out, fixed it. The baby analogy is very apt, I think.

My daughter's HM had a similar pinhole in his dorsal fin when he got home, and a very slight tattering in other places. It doesn't look like rot, but I've taken the precaution of salting his water (there's a lot of posts here on how to use aquarium salt properly for gallons, I used the litre-centric pack directions). It helps to heal fins and other problems if used for a short time.

My own betta Sid was a red lump of skinny mope for two weeks, until he settled into his 3.5g tank. He refused his flake food for days. I fed him some pellets and live food, he perked up immediately, and steadily got happier. Then he got cotton fin disease. That went away in a matter of two days on its own accord, presumably clean water being a factor. Then he got ich. :roll:

Sooner or later, the crash course torrent of information catches up with your fish stabilising in his new environment and you can finally relax a bit. :lol:
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I just want to add to what KoiMaiden has said. Your water change schedule is wonderful for keeping the water clean, but may be stressing him out. I'd suggest dropping down to 50% once or twice a week, and 100% at the end of the week. :) It will keep the water clean with less stress for your little guy. Stress contributes to sickness, so less stress = a healthier fish. :)
Oh - I ought to add, I used the salt because other bettas in the store had fin rot, visibly, so there's a good chance Demyx has it too. response; great advice! I'll definately hold his food for a day or two and cut back on the water changes a bit. Eventually I'll probably upgrade to a bigger tank (always wanted to try my hand at aquascaping).

And yes, he's my first betta. My experience with fish is just me remembering what my mom used to do when I was little, and info from the net. To me, fish are rather boring pets when compared to my labrador, but just having one fish makes it seem more like a pet. It may just be me, but Ozzy almost seems to have a distinct personality? Cocky, but in a laid-back, John Wayne style. Too bad the little suckers don't play nice together. Went back to Petsmart today to pick up a thermometer and noticed a rather nice red crowntail...
They really do have personalities, quite distinct from one another, as well - Daughter's HM (who is currently trapped in the pump section of his tank, the little monkey) is very laid back and sweet. My betta Sid is a tiny ninja shark pretending to be a betta in order to achieve his goal of world domination.

They just wiggle their way into your heart, bless 'em. Your betta's personality will only emerge more, as he settles in to his tank and routines.

I upgraded Sid from a 1.5 g tank to a 3.5, and he really is a much happier fish. It's big enough for swim-room and hidey spaces and its less worry about overheating. We're getting a 5g Kritter Keeper for Daughter's houdini-fish as he seems to ... owait. He's just wiggled back into his main tank. :shock:

*runs to block the hole*
Pin holes tend to be a sign of too much ammonia in the water- if there are no pointy/spiky plants in the tank. This could of been from before you got him. Just continue doing weekly water changes and he should heal up fine. Keep an eye for blackened/red edges that are crusty looking and flaking off.

As Bom mentioned, 1 50% and 1 100% per week is the recommended water change schedule for a 1 gallon- as the water can actually be too clean and in the long run do your fish disservice rather then helping him any with it.

Good luck, and looking forward to pictures.
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