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My betta, Klaus, has been through the ringer. He did have swim bladder, so we fasted him for 3 days and switched foods per a forum expert’s advice. He was fine for a couple of weeks. Then, one week ago, he started to exhibit similar symptoms. We assumed we were feeding too much (3 pellets 4x daily) and fasted again. He has shown no improvement. We have given him a pellet on day four, one on day 6 and one today.
There are other weird symptoms though that he didn’t have last time. He doesn’t seem to be able to hold his head up. When we drop a pellet in his tank, he flounders towards it on his side and often swims right under or by it because his head is deeper than the rest of his body. Also, his top fin doesn’t look as full as when we was healthy. It kinda looks as though the fin is dormant when he is trying to swim. It’s looks to be drooping and even weighing him down.
My husband can’t tell a difference but I’m worried it may be fin rot.
It also may be important to note that we are cycling a 5-gallon tank for him (he’s been in it about a month) and switched water conditioners at the same time we switched foods. We are now using Prime (adding 2 drops daily or when doing water changes), used to use API fresh water conditioner.
I have attached photos, including one where you can see his fin when healthy (Last photo, white background). Please help me save my buddy!


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Please fill out this form and link the other thread about him. Thank you.

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