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1 gallon tanks need 100% changes every 3 days, with ideally a 50% change in between. They also need to be heated, but this poses a complication since heaters for this size tend to be cheap and don't work great like the ones you can get for 2.5g+. Yes, as previously stated, you need to use conditioner.. like.. now.. don't wait. Typically bettas who are put in unconditioned water would have expired by now.

Stress due to full water changes is due to a change in water parameters.. temperature and ph. Aging the water a day or so (fill up very well cleaned gallon milk jugs or gallon paint (unused from store) can help with this, if the ph isn't stable from the tap. Otherwise what you want to watch is his temperature. Once you get the hang of it you should be able to set the tap and refill the water to the same temp as before. When keeping bettas having an in tank thermometer is a must.

You can also cup your betta, set him out while you rinse things and then refill the bowl and float him for about 20min, then start spooning a few tablespoons of the new water into his cup every 10minutes of so, several times before you rerelease.
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