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Farewell my old fishy friend!

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S. I. P. To my 4 + year old betta friend Cerulean.

You were the first to teach me how to properly care for your kind and in payment you lived a nice long life. You were a character like no other and I will miss your puffy little fishy face in the tank every time I walk by. You made me laugh and smile and I am grateful. Now you swim in peace forever. Say hi to your little brother Calypso for me and be well.

Thank you to all of you here for letting me write such a thing and not feel like a fool. I know he was only a fish, and I have lost more animals of every kind in my life than I want to think of right now, but he was a character that brought a smile to my face each and every day for over 4 years and that has to count for something. In this world I think it important to recognize all the things we appreciate and are grateful for and I was grateful for him. I will miss him and so soon after loosing his little brother too. I am sad tonight but thankfully I have my new little friend, of a couple weeks, who is full of spunk and a new and different kind of character to get to know.

So, goodnight and Farwell Cerulean.
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Thank you, I am taking this one kind of hard. I have lost a lot of animals in the last few months and so this was just one more thing and it kinda got me. Nice to have people to say these things to that don't think you are nuts for being sad about a fish dying.
Major major props to you for not being ashamed to share your genuine and lovely feelings for Cerulean. . . . I too, am crazy about betta fish - I have to steel myself when I go into pet stores and places like Walmart, because I see so many bettas DYING for a decent home - and I want to take them all - but it is just not possible. Bless you for providing a lovely environment - filled with caring and love - for Cerulean.
Everyone here understands. My husband thought I was crazy because I was crying when my betta Triton died, but I just pointed out that my betta was a pet that I loved just like he would care about a dog. He seemed to understand a little more then and just asked if there was anything he could do to help me feel better.

S. I. P. Cerulelan and your little brother Calypso
Thanks everyone
The amount of love you have for a pet isn't determined by which species it is. Cerulean brought joy into your life and it's perfectly natural that you would miss him. I hope your new little friend will help ease your sadness.
Thank you all. They do bring us joy don't they? My sister looked at me so oddly when Itold her they have a personality, maybe it is not quite like a dog, cat or bird but they each have a very different and unique personality. I enjoy their antics and attitudes, some more than others, some are more shy where others are brave and boastful, like Cerulean, he loved to flare at me constantly. . This new little guy "Mr. Zip" is so fast. He swims laps around his tank like an Olympic event and zips back and forth across the front whenever I walk buy, not too much for the flare yet but it does show up on occasion, and it is so little compared to my big old boys flare, :) . Hence his name. I miss seeing Cerulean, and Calypso who loved to spread and flare as well but was not much for a big show, both for their uniqueness but also look forward to the new little guy that will live in his home when I find the right one. They will both be babies then so hopefully they too will live long happy lives.
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Yes, they definitely do have individual personalities! Plus, they're great at interacting with us.

(My newest guy thinks he's part salmon. He managed to swim upstream against the outflow, and ended up in his filter. He got stuck there, and all I could think was the TV commercials with the "little old lady" on the floor saying, "Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!" I dumped the filter contents back into the tank, and fortunately, he was fine. I've now blocked the outflow opening with a bit of sponge.)
So sorry about your boy! It is especially hard losing bettas when they have so much personality. He was very lucky to have such a loving owner.
My community fish are currently sick and I have lost quite a few, and each time it's really sad for me. It's natural to get attached to our pets, no matter what species.
Lol, I am glad he is OK.
My last comment was to little blue fish about the filter. To allyMarie I am sorry for your trouble, it sucks.
I lost one of mine yesterday and I know what you mean. I had four -- three now -- and each one is unique. They come to the front glass to visit even when they're not hungry, and I know they know their names. I'm sorry for your loss. Four years is a good long life for a fish and I'm sure he was grateful for the good home you gave him.
Sorry for your loss too, thx
S.I.P Cerulean

my baby betta, Cosmo, did that. he swam against the tetra whisper i3 filters output and jumped inside. I came home from work freaking out. I couldnt see him on the floor or table it anywhere in the tank... as a last resort i empties out the filter in the tank and there he was. Was scary, but funny afterwards. had to raise the filter a little higher.
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