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Hey everybody! Picking up my 3 peppereds tommorrow, and want to know what to feed them and how often.

I already have Hikari Alage wafers.

Here's what i have been recommended:

-API Bottom Feeder Pellets
-Aqueon Bottom Feeder Pellets?wafers

Anything else?

If it matters, i have sand :-D:lol:

Im so excited!!

Also, names?


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Shrimp pellets and Hikari sinking wafers are a big hit with my corys. Feed them after lights out so the other fish don't nom nom everything before it hits the bottom of the tank (assuming you have other fish in the cory tank).

Since the corys will scavenge anything that falls to the bottom during regular feedings, you might want to use the sinking foods a few times a week instead of every day.
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