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So my 20g currently sits or will be sitting at in the near future after QT:

8 girls
1 ghost shrimp
4 platys
5 neon tetras

The platys size is pretty similar to the bettas so I'm not overly concerned about them though I don't know if the betta pellets are the best way to go for them. I assume they're probably fine but I just wanna know that there isn't some weird ingredient that platys like, die from or something. My luck has been poop as of lately. They are NLS brand betta pellets.

I'm thinking that because of how small the neons are they might be too shy to come up to the frenzy. As well, can I feed them the pellets? I also have the .5mm Thera formula + garlic NLS pellets which might be better suited to their size but I don't know how to assure that they will eat them.

And the frog.. originally I had 3 but now just one. He's STILL shy though he's been in the tank for months. He's obviously eating but I so rarely see him come out until all the food has been eaten. I always drop his food into the tank from the back but it doesn't sink like I would like it to do. Is there something else I can/should feed the frog?

TL;DR version
Feeding neons in tank, how?
Frog is shy.
Frog needs different food?
Method of feeding frog.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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