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I am a new betta owner. I fed my betta Monday and Friday (3 pellets) and bloodworms (1 or 2 a day after feeding). I kinda fed him pellets during the week. He has been here a week and two days old from the pet store. I think he is not use to eating like this because the woman at the pet store (Petsmart) said that they feed them every Monday and Friday...

Am I overfeeding him?


Is he constipated?

He does not make an attempt to go for the pellets. When before he would. I am a little worried. :|

Please help.
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I generally feed my boys and girls 2-3 pellets twice a day...I'll throw blood worm or mosquito larva in there every once in a while for a treat, so if you only feed every few days your definately not over feeding (unless yo give him like 6-8 pellets in one sitting but it doesn't sound like it). He might be constipated in which case try some aq salt or IAL (Indian Almond Leaf). He might not eat for the next couple days because he's used to only eating every once in a while.
He is on his side. Is this swim bladder disease??
possibly, what are you treating him with?
I did a 100% water change into a new tank, temperatures were the same. Other than this, nothing.
Well you got to start somewhere, try aq salt treatments (no longer than 10 days) and IAL (Indian Almond Leaves) or some stress coat treatments (also no longer than 10 days). Are you at least treating the water before you put him in it? Also what temp is he at? 78-82 F is ideal.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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