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Female Betta Fish Health

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Hello everyone! This is a recent picture of my female betta fish, Sandy. It was taken a couple of days ago. I got her May 30th and she was really tiny (I have attached a picture of her not long after I first got her) and then she seemed to get "pregnant" or have eggs and then she kept getting bigger little by little. She has been "very pregnant" since about July 20th. I made a post that day asking if she was alright and found out the "white" I could see in her stomach area were actually eggs! She is not in contact with a male so they're not fertilized, I'm just wondering if she is alright and how long she is supposed to keep the eggs, and if there is anything I can do to help her be more comfortable? She seems completely fine and is eating wonderfully, I just want to make sure her egg situation is normal.

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