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I am wondering if I should get a female from PetSmart. I already have 1 dark blue male named Sapphire who is very healthy. He lives on the counter in the kitchen. The only problem I have with getting a betta is that my dad doesnt know that I want to get one (I am getting him to go to Petsmart on Tuesday) and that I am totally afraid of DEAD FISH! I know they have dead fish at Petsmart, so I am a little afraid to go. Should I get a female? Please answer below!!
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that's up to you and your dad, really. you should talk to him first, before you do anything. not all parents are understanding like mine are(i'm up to 10. had 11 before Josie passed suddenly), and they're cool with me getting more if i want.

females are just as easy(or hard) as males to care for, but ime are a bit more active, so....
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