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Whilst at walmart to get ferts for my planted tank, I was told to use reegular fertalizer. Like i would for a yard. Well, they didn't have any for a fish tank and I didn't want to test his theory, so I came home empty handed. But now I wanted to know... Was he right? When he told me this, he poimted towards the Miracle Grow section. just curious, don't want to give the plant miracle anything if it does no miracles for the fish.
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When reading up on what to get for my NPT, I saw to get regular organic potting soil WITHOUT any added ferts, so I would assume he's just being a walmart employee: undertrained, undereducated and unaware.
I'm sure people on here and TropicalFishKeeping would have made a sticky about that somewhere. And SeaChem wouldn't have to charge so much if they had competition with garden ferts lol
thank you!
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