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Hola, Im Jenn. Im new here, and this looks like a good place to start learning about my new fish. LEmme tell you about him:
My big guy's name is:
I don't have any pictures, because he wont stop moving to let me take a picture. So, I'll tell you what he looks like. His body is black, or dark brown... or something. The color is always changing. He's a double vew, and his tail is bright orange, with turqoius streaks and the tail end is black.
If you want to know how he got his name, here's how:
My dad is in CLeveleand CLinic right now having heart surgery. I went out and bought a betta, although neither of my parents knew. I called my mom and told her, and she was excited (she used to have a betta named Posiedon, but he jumped out... :cry: ). SO, she told me about this weird story that she heard in the hospital, about a betta fish named Mr. Happy The Magical Wishing Fish, and a family of bandit pixies cooked him and ate him. Anyway, we're happy we got him, and we got a tank with a lid, so Mr. Hapy won't end up like posideon. :shock:

Sooo, anyways, I have some questions.

  • Mr. Happy will never stop moving, hes always swimming around. IS this good?
  • He keeps playing with his rocks in the bottom of his tank. Is this normal?
  • His fins are torn and slightly splitting. Could he have a fin disease?
  • I got Mr. Happy from PetSmart. Are the bettas there okay (healthy, safe, clean ect.)?
I know, these are really dumb questions, but, I've never had a betta before, and I want to make sure I don't screw up, and I give Mr. Happy a good life.

Thanks, Jenn

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Hello and welcome Jenn,
Depending on the size of tank and filtration if used, you may or may not need to cycle and this can be done with the Betta along with dedications to water changes.

When you make water changes make sure the water temp between the new and old water is within a couple of degrees so not to temp shock him and use dechloranator with any new water added to the fish tank.

If he is in a small 2-3g unfiltered tank-I recommend twice weekly water changes 1-100% and 1-50%
In 1g or less daily to every-other day water changes

The only chemical additive IMO that you need is a dechlorinator if you are on city water supply

A good varied diet, removing any uneaten food after feeding and don't over feed

Water temp kept in the 78-80F you have a heater?

To answer your questions- yes, it is good that he is swimming around and it is normal for him to check things out in the tank, fresh clean dechlorinated water is the best thing for torn fins, depending on how long the fish was at the pet shop most are fairly healthy and some are not...
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