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One of the viewing sides of my tank seems to reflect back in, and my Wild Blue Alien has started attacking the glass. I can't really cover it and still see him well, but I tried blocking some of the light from above with both cardboard (just to see) and then surface plants. Unfortunately this seems to make it worse. I can't actually see his reflection, but he sees something that triggers him to attack the glass violently.

He has never flared at any of the other tankmates (Otto's, snails, shrimp, and for a little while some B.B. Gobies and Cories). The only time he ever flares is after he eats a worm, and then he starts peacocking around the tank. But that seems to be just confidence.... This attacking the glass is vicious and I think he might be damaging his scales. He rams and "fights" against the glass, splashing the top and hitting the gravel. And I think he has knocked some scales off, but I'm not sure.

Yesterday I saw a couple tiny black spots, which I worried might be a parasite or illness. But looking closer and at pictures it actually looks like he's lost a few scales. One just behind his head (see picture) and one on each side.

Is there a disease that would make random, individual scales come loose? He seems completely healthy, happy and fiesty otherwise. He likes his tank, is very active, eats well and sleeps at night. I'm thinking about calling an Exorcist.


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