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I couldn't find an answer to this on the forum, except for with a single betta in the tank,

Ive just upgraded my betta tank to a 90 litre fluval. Im just a little confused as to where to put the filter. I also have 8 pygmy corys and a dozen or so cherry shrimp in the tank, who all get on fine. The filter is a fluval U2, which has 3 settings on the output, one where the output is at the top and pulls air in, one which is a spay bar in the middle (slow output) and the other is at the bottom. I know bettas like slow moving water so I have it set to the spray bar with the filter at the bottom of the tank.
So, my question is what would you recommend? should I have some surface agitation, or have the powerful top output on to pull air through. Im just thinking about oxygenation, I know bettas can breath air through the labyrinth but im thinking more of the shrimp and corys, and what would be best for everyone.
Oh the tank also has a lot of plants so this may sort the oxygen levels out......
well hopeully someone can help me out with this.......
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