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filter recommendations

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I've been trying to convince The Husband that we should get a filter for our 5 gallon tank.
I've been thinking a sponge filter would be the way to go, but if you all feel otherwise, I would be swayed easily. Pros? Cons?
Does anyone have have a brand they recommend? Or is it better/easier to just make one? (I have read about people doing that, though clearly I have no experience in doing that.)
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Azoo palm mini HOB from foster an smith for $7 - can't beat it.
Not a sponge filter but you can have carbon in it as well which is very helpful, but it's a cheap and amazing filter: I have this on my 3 gallon and both 5.5's.

Also if you do want to stay with sponge filters, this one is one of my favorites since it has more media space with the stuff inside the bottom of it. it's nice a small but filters great. I have a divided 20 long in five compartments and I have three of these in every other compartment and they help with the surface agitation and filtration.
Great recommendations from both of you. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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