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Filter too loud?

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So I have this filter:

I put it into my 2.5 gallon. I'm going to use it to cycle my 5.5 but I figured I'd let it run for a while in my smaller tank to make sure everything's working properly and all that. It's not AWFULLY loud, but it has this constant hum that I can hear from across the room. Doesn't really bother me, but would it bother Blizzard? When I put my hand against the aquarium, I can feel the vibration. He doesn't appear visibly distressed, but I can't imagine it'd be pleasant to have that hum 24/7.

Will it get quieter as it runs? Is there a way to stop the vibrating?
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I'm hoping it isn't a faulty one.

Did you make sure everything is snapped into place good?
Sorry for the late reply. After running for a few hours and me smacking it a bit, it's gone quieter now.
I've had filters do similar things. Normally there's a very quiet hum to any filter, but occasionally my current one starts to "buzz" - I find it's usually something about it has come a little loose, or a bit of calcium deposit has come off and is actually stuck (we have really hard water where I live). Throughout it's use, just make sure you take it apart and clean it well every month or so (you don't have to replace the filter media obviously, just clean the moving parts).

In the past I've also had lights come loose and buzz, when I thought it was the filter. I've gone through 3 hoods this way, where they actually vibrate enough with the filter that they just destroy themselves. Keep an eye out for that, especially if you have special lights for a planted tank.
I definitely will keep up on cleaning it, thank you. :)
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