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Filters need to be adjustable, and if not, then baffled when it comes to housing long finned males. The filter can easily stress him out and cause him to have difficulties in swimming.. making his fins feel heavy and drag him around. He may end up biting off his fins if he feels too much stress from it.

To baffle the filter, buy an aquarium sponge and cut it to fit into the outflow of the filter- you can keep it snuggled in there tightly using a clean/new rubber band fixed around it to keep it from being pushed out.

In a 10 gallon, he may need/want more plants to feel more secure and not so exposed.. bettas are used to very very small places before they are purchased and brought home- so a large tank can be stressful at first.

What are you trying to feed him? It can make a difference to some picky bettas.

Healthy bettas can live weeks without food.. and newly purchased bettas can take days to a week+ before they eat healthy.
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