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Fin damage

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Hello everyone. I need your help regarding my bettas fin damage. I have him for almost a month (my first time having a pet fish) and a few days before I discoveres that his fins and ripping, he lives in a Deco O 20L tank with heater and filter. I've been checking the temperature and water quality but still the damage is getting worse. Is it fin rot?
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I think u should fill in this form in order to get an answer. Copy and paste with answers here so they know what is up
It probably could be fin rot. How long do you wash your betta’s tank? If fin rot is not the problem, boredom or stress could be the problem. Bettas usually bite their tails when they’re bored or stressed, try to get a ghost shrimp to entertain him.

Sharp plants or decorations can also be a problem. Have your decor checked out!

I hope this message was useful for you! Good luck with your aquatic friend!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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