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fin help

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My bettas fins look really torn up. I went away for the weekend and when i got back his fins looked worse than when I had left. Hes in a 5gal tank with filter and the temp stays in between 78-82. I dont know if it is fin rot. I was going to buy some medicine for fin rot but I wanted to make sure it would be ok to treat him for that or what i should do about his fins.


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I can't see any sign of biting nor much of necrosis that caused the problem, judging by the sheer fin volume he has either snagged himself on something or it is a blowout.

This will heal itself over time but you can help by adding some AQ salt or an indian almond leaf to his tank to speed healing and keep down the chance of infection and perhaps bolster his diet with something protein rich like bloodworms very few days (frozen or live are best).

He should begin knitting that fin up in no time
maybe he snagged it on something, my bettas tail is torn and I took out his spiky plant to see if it will heal up, maybe try taking a few spiky plants out
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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