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Fin Rot and Transportation

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My betta appears to be showing signs of fin rot. I have already changed the water and cleaned everything with hot water. Hes is back in the tank and acting normal. I plan on getting some aquarium salt when i got home, which leads me to my next issue. I am a college student finishing out the year, and I am going to need to transport him home for the summer. Any suggestions on a safe way to get him home?
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Do't keep him in the tank whem you take him home and drain the tank to about 1/4 of the way. If you still have the cup he came in or a small tuppaware container keep him in that and make sure the lid is secure. you're doing right with the salt though.
My betta and his tankmate, a mystery snail, both made it home with no problems. My betta is quarantined and is on his 2nd full day of salt treatment for his fin rot. He is very active and eating well. There appears to be a thin, almost clear film developing on the affected tail fin, it looks like new fin growth. It appears to be growing between the areas that were ragged from rot, and putting them back together. Is this indeed new fin growth?
Yes. the clear fin is fin regrowth. This is good :)

I'm glad he made it home okay!
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