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Could be rot or biting, not sure exactly which one. If the reading is really true on Nirtites though, that is crazy high! They should always be at 0. Fin rot is most commonly caused by bad water conditions over an extended amount of time.
It sounds like you might not have cycled your tank, since you've only had him for a relatively small amount of time. Exposure to high nitrites over time can cause a betta to get sick, or stress him enough to cause other issues. I would definitely do a water change right away to get a handle on those nitrite levels. With such high nitrite levels, chances are you may have high ammonia levels as well. That 5 in 1 test kit doesn't have ammonia readings on there, which are quite important to monitor. If you can afford it, a liquid test kit tends to be a little more accurate overall, and has all the needed testers. If you can't get that, see if your local petsmart or petco has something called "ammonia alert", that will show you what the ammonia levels are at all time in the tank and if they are dangerous. Quite important if your tank has to go through a cycle.

Also, you mentioned you have a heater, but there's no temperature reading. Do you have a thermometer? Even the preset heaters can break down and over/under heat an aquarium so its important to know the exact temperature. Thermometers at the pet store are only a couple dollars. :) Over/under heating can cause issues and illness with bettas as well, you want the water to be between 78-80 degrees.

Your tank also does look a bit sparse as well, bettas can feel stressed if they don't have lots of cover to hide in, and it can cause them to bite their fins. Live plants are best, but if you can't do those, then see if you can get a couple more soft silk plants. Make sure there are no sharp edges to rip the fins on! The best betta tank is one where you can't see your betta at a glance. :)

I hope he does okay, he's a cute little guy. :)
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