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fin rot treated, now white spot on side & fin tips

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Hello all! New to the forum here and really confused about my poor betta, smells fishy. I'm reading conflicting info all over the web. His fins have gotten 1/2 the length they were, colors have gotten drab, now there's a white spot on his side. His eating is piggy, as usual, his activity level is normal. I have a 5gallon hex tank with biowheel, heater that keeps the temp at 84 degrees and feeding 5 pellets of betta bio-gold daily. Bought him from a pet store August 2012. I ignorantly had hard plastic plants in the tank. I went to France and when I got back was shocked to see his fin loss. I did some research and saw the hard plants could be tearing his fins so removed them. No improvement, more research, cleaned the tank, boiled all rocks and house, 100% water change and added a soft silk plant. Started treating with api betafix, fin tips turned white. Read beta fix was horrible, started treating with melafix and api stress coat+, 30% water change weekly. Now he has a big white spot on his side. His fin color is better but his body color still looks rough. More research, got some aquarium salt put 1 tablespoon in 5 gallon tank. it's been a week, I'm still putting the mela fix 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml) a night. I'm reading the white is regrowth, fin rot, bacteria, use salt daily, use salt weekly, don't use melafix, must use melafix, keep temp at 75 degrees keep temp at 82 degrees. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'm willing to do whatever is best i just have no idea what that is.


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I urge you to cancel the melafix treatment for the time being, while it does indeed have healing benefits for many fish it is unfortunately detrimental to betta fish because it can coat their labrynth organ and make it difficult to breathe. betta fix is actually just a more diluted version of melafic and has less of the key extract that causes the concerns.

Now as to his spot, can you get us a picture from above? perhaps at feeding time.

I can clearly see the spot in the picture but I am unsure on a few things which can help diagnose= is the spot fluffy or slimy? Raised or flat? Are there scales under/over the spot or does it look raw?
Another question is about his actions, have you seen him rubbing/hitting/flashing against anything that might indicate the spot is itchy?
Thank you for your response! I have been trying for 2 days to get a picture in focus, I finally broke down and put him in a small container, I hated to stress him out!
The spot doesn't appear fluffy or slimy or raised, I can see scales on the original side spot. your request made me see an addition spot on his back, it almost appears that the scale is raised up, like a torn fingernail might. he hasn't behaved abnormally, not rubbing or scratching. it's har to see in the pictures but his tail looks like thin white stems are growing out at the tip of the other white so I was hoping this was regrowth? but the now 2 white spots concern me. could that be regrowth or healing of wounds I didn't see?
I was going to do a 100% change and add some aquarium salt. I stopped the mela fix as soon as I saw your post. Thank you for any advise!


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Does the white growth look like it's coming from under his scales and seem somewhat smooth?

For the good news:
My girl was cured with two rounds of Lifeguard spaced apart (gave a week rest) I treated for six days. She had it near her tail. If you try it wait 24 hours after you change your water declorinator deactivates it. Another I had didn't respond to treatment. For him I had tried antibiotics and Jungle Fungus Clear. After a couple of months probably due one growth being under his eye he passed away. His behavior was often normal but he spent more time hiding than he used to. For anyone that has seen this on their fish post about it if you know what it is. The growths under the scales are cheese like in texture (I checked after my fish passed) I suspect it's viral because neither fish arrived with it. One I had for over a year he's the one that passed, the other that I cured got it after the first one did. I may have cross contaminated somehow.
Wow, I did see that he seemed to go in his "house" more than normal but didn't report it as I wasn't sure, maybe he went there often but I didn't notice, because he wasn't obviously sick. I'll give the lifeguard a try! I would have said it seemed smooth, until I was asked for the above photo and more detail, then I could see some scale detail. it can't hurt to try the lifeguard right?
BTW thank you for posting! It's so frustrating not to know how to help, and/or potentially causing harm while trying to help!
No it should not hurt. It's used as a preventative for new fish. I think doing the whole six days is important. The sixth day you don't give medicine but you don't change the water either. I did not see results with my girl until I did the six day regimine. Yes it's the worst thing in the world to have to watch them and not be able to do anything the fish I lost Ollie was the sweetest boy. I hope the Lifeguard helps.
i just saw that the ligefuard should not be used with a carbon filter. so should I keep the water circulation going and just remove the filter? or turn it off? or do they make filters without carbon?
just take the carbon out of the filer and you will be fine, carbon absorbs chemicals in the water and so really it is like not adding medication at all while it is in place.
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