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Fin rot? What's happening?!

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One of my fish is having bloody looking fins. The other fish in the tank doesn't seem to have a problem. Both are in a 10 gallon tank that's changed at 80% once every eight days. (The gravel is not changed.) Whenever the ammonium tests as green I put in ammonia detox and the PhD is 7.5. The temperature is kept at a stable 80-82 degrees.

The fins are somewhat raggady because about a month and a half ago, my fish jumped the barrier of the old tank and fought each other. It was REALLY bad. They've since grown back a bit.

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Those are such pretty boys!

It does look like a fin injury. If they have been growing back fine until now then (1) they have reinjured the fins, (2) they have fin rot, (3) a combination of the two.
I don't have much experience with fin rot, but I know there is a treatment for it written by our resident soon to be veterinarian, Darkmoon...on the diseases thread under betta care section, there are 2 stickies of common diseases and treatments...
(1) I would start w/ aquarium salt 1 tbsp per 5 gallons.
(2) change 25-50% of aquarium water, put in water conditioner.
(3) use stress coat as directed on bottle...this is to help fins to heal.
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