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I have had my betta, Schooner, for about a year now. I will include a picture, but when I first got him he had beautiful full fins that were white around the edges and reddish towards his body, and the main part of his body was a silvery-grey color. I just got him back from a friend of mine who was fish sitting while I was away for the summer, and his body and fins are now entirely the grey color. My first question: is this normal?

Building off of that, his fins are sort of shredded looking, and his dorsal fin won't stand up and is looking floppy. The changes in his fins have been extremely gradual (so much so that I hadn't noticed them until now when I got him back), except for the loss of his red coloration and the droopy dorsal. I had noticed the edges of his fins looking different a short while before I left, but couldn't find an original picture of him to compare so I didn't think anything was wrong. Now that I can see the differences, I feel awful and I'm going crazy trying to figure out how to help Schooner. What should I do? Please please help! Fish Organism
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Tank specifications:

Size: 2.5 gallons (with no other fish)
Temp: always between 75-80 degrees F
Heater: no
Filter: yes (and it's not super strong, so current isn't an issue)
Water changes: 20% weekly and 50-70% monthly (always add water conditioner afterwards)
Water test strips: no (but I remove all algae and waste every week)

Additional note: I take cleaning his tank and keeping it in good condition VERY seriously, but I don't know about the two people who have been caring for him for the past 3 months. I left very detailed directions, but I don't know how closely they were followed.
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