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Hello again, I have noticed some changes in my betta fish named “onion” since my first post asking if my betta fish is sick. In one of the photos I've uploaded, you can see that the fish has some bite marks/ fin rot etc. on his tail. the other is how the betta's tail looks when he is swimming. The second change I noticed is that the fish is now swimming at the bottom more often. I wrote my problem on another forum site, they said it might be a fin rot. Here are some information about the tank where im feeding my fish
20.20.15 (2 gallons)
There is no filter but there is a heater. pH of water 7.49
temperature between 26-27 degrees Celsius
I change the water of the tank every 2 days.
I have sera baktopur for any sickness.
Do you think my fish has a disease?
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