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I started noticing that my betta's fins have been turning white, and they look thinner as well. I'm unsure whether this is fin rot or marbling, and I would like some opinions.

How many gallons is your tank? - 5 Gallons
Does it have a filter? - Yes
Does it have a heater? - Yes
What temperature is your tank? -75 Degrees
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? - No
Does your Betta have tank mates? What kind? - A single cherry shrimp

What food brand do you use? - Aqueon
Do you feed flakes or pellets? - Pellets
Freeze-dried? - Daphnia & Blood Worms
How often do you feed your Betta? How much? - Three times a day, three to four pellets

your Betta became ill how often did you perform a water change? - Every week-week & a half
What percentage of water did you change? 25-50%
What is the source of your water? Tap
Do you vacuum the substrate or just dip out water? - Vacuum
What additives do you use other than conditioner? What brand of conditioner? - Top Fin conditioner, nothing else

Water Parameters:
What are your water parameters? Please give exact numbers. If tested by pet store please get exact numbers. "Fine" or "Safe" won't help us help you. Important: Test your water before the regular water change; not after one.

pH: 7.5
Hardness (GH): 180 ppm
Alkalinity (KH): 80 ppm

Symptoms and Treatment:
When did you first notice the symptoms? Five or six days ago
How has your Betta’s appearance changed? White coloration along dorsal fins, some slight discoloration on scales surrounding fins
How has your Betta’s behavior changed? Not at all
Is your Betta still eating? Yes
Have you started treating your Betta? If so, how? Yes, I did an extra water change and have been using Bettafix for two days now
Does your Betta have any history of being ill? No
How long have you owned your Betta? Five months
Was he or she ill or suffering some sort of damage when purchased? No


Plakat betta named Betta (real name is Blaze but i never call him that)
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What’s your ammonia level? Also, 0 nitrates is a little suspicious. Only very heavily planted tanks will be at 0 nitrates.

I do have to say, I do not notice fin rot. I might be wrong tho. Just just in case, if you want, you could do daily 30-50% water changes.
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