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Water from tap has .50 PPM Ammonia.

I still need to go home from work and do the nitrate test-as I ran out of time this morning, but today is the first day of 0 Ammonia and 0 Nitrite, after 1 wk for new 10 gal. Testing with API Master Test. (Nitrate was reading @5-10 2 days ago).

The heater has been unplugged for @81-83* Temp, filtered, using Prime, and an 1/2 opened bottle of Tetra Safe Start, and squeezing out a filter sponge from the cycled 20 gal.

I was thinking, if this doesn't happen soon, I will go get another fresh bottle of the Tetra Safe Start, but looks like this will not be necessary. YEAH, very exciting this morning, for good testing results.

Oh, Roatan has a boo boo today, looks like maybe the sharp digital (meat) themomentar got him on his "shoulder", for a nasty wound.

I had planned to do a water change today, but thinking waiting a day or two might be good to make sure tank is "stable".... I'm anxious to do clean water though, usuing Prime! Roatan is growing, eating very well, from the moment I got him, and he is growing! I keep wondering if he will ever get as big as Larry Guerry, because L G seems GIANT to me-HA, and he has become more picky about eating too!

Feeling very blessed by 2 quick tank cycling, plus the one I gave to my daughther, very easy with the Tetra Safe Start (so far)!

And VERY MUCH thankful for all the great advice and info on this forum. I would never have been able to do this without "YOU"!

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