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All I can say is good luck....most information on this species and well as tropical fish in general are mostly opinion based on experience and personal experiments conducted by hobbyist.
There are some science based information based on facts in regards to the anatomy/physiology of Betta splendens, water chemistry, Ichthyology...etc....but can be hard to find and some of the research papers you have to buy.

The way I find trusted science based information on the internet-I look for the specific subject usually not related to the Betta per se-for example-Oak leaf-vs IAL I look for the spectrographic analysis.

Fish keeping isn't an exact science.......sometimes you have to pick though all the information and find your way....what works for one may not for another for one reason or the other.....

What ever info you do sure and share it by posting a long as it doesn't have a forum on fish keeping....

Good luck...
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