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I think what you are looking for will be har to find. sure there may be a scientific formulae for betta fish keeping, but betta like people are all different. Some loves 1 gallon bowls and hate large tanks, vice. versa. We all have differing opinions because we all have different fish. And rather than being an expert on Betta fish we become experts on our own fish.

Think about it this way, the best cooking comes from experie nce and not just following the recipe gram by gram.

And to figure out certain things like how fast chemicals build up, it is completely possible to do a water test yourself. But these also depends on many factors, water parameters, plants or no plants, cycled?

I think it was Sakura8 who had a good thread on her egg bound fish, it's pretty close to a factual log of how her fish pulled through.

enough blabber from me, have you tried joining the IBC?
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