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I kept a betta in college, a red veil tail I named Neptune. I ended up having to re-home him after two years due to moving across the country. A cousin of mine took him and I think he lived a further two years.

Now I have two kids!! Decided on a whim to get another Betta after my best friend offered me her 5g hex tank complete with decor. Went to Petco yesterday and my five year old daughter picked out what I believe to be a double tail cellophane. She has dubbed him Silky. He seems very happy! I do think the filter is too strong for him so I've been turning it off occasionally to give him a break. I see that there is an easy method to baffle it so that might be a project for me this week after the kids go to bed.

Glad to be here and thankful to have a resource for my betta questions.

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