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first betta

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so i am new here and any advice would be greatly appreciated In fact I just signed up today. So much useful info in here I couldn't resist. Well about a month ago my two daughters talked me into going into petsmart and fell in love with a couple bettas. So on the advice of the clerk I got them two small bowls and the fish and headed home. Got them set up in there bowls and the kids loved it. I however had a feeling that this could not be right. So after a night of researching the next day I went out and got them each a 5gal heated and filtered tank. They have been in there tanks for about a month or so and seem to be doing well. They were both small and almost albino looking when we got them. Now a month later they have grown a bit and are very colorful!They also got tank mates last week. They each have 2 ghost shrimp and 2 small cory cats. I am not sure if the tanks are big enough but they seem to all get along great.I have really fell for the little guys, I would of never thought I would be sitting in the kids room talking to fish all day:)
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As usual, OFL gives the best advice.

Is there any way for you to return the cories, or upgrade to a larger tank? If you bought one 20 gallon tank you could divide it and have a betta and 4-6 cories in each section. :)
Sand is definitely the way to go for cories - nicer for their barbels and it's so cute to watch them play in it. Just be aware that with sand you need to poke/stir it on a regular basis to prevent gas pockets forming.

Huzzah on the ten gallons, they are fine for cories and a betta. :) What sort of cories do you have? If pygmies, get a school of 6-8 per tank. If pandas, 4-6, and if the larger species (bronze, peppered etc), 4 is the number. Remember that they need schools of their own species of cory. :)

To speed up the cycle in your new filters, transfer the old filter media across, since they will already be colonised with some good bacteria. :)

You seem like a really good fish parent - ready to keep on upgrading for your fish! :) It's lovely to see.
I love the way marbles change colour like that. :)

Peppered cories are beautiful, no? I love their irridescence. :) I'd suggest 4 for each tank. :)
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