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first betta

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so i am new here and any advice would be greatly appreciated In fact I just signed up today. So much useful info in here I couldn't resist. Well about a month ago my two daughters talked me into going into petsmart and fell in love with a couple bettas. So on the advice of the clerk I got them two small bowls and the fish and headed home. Got them set up in there bowls and the kids loved it. I however had a feeling that this could not be right. So after a night of researching the next day I went out and got them each a 5gal heated and filtered tank. They have been in there tanks for about a month or so and seem to be doing well. They were both small and almost albino looking when we got them. Now a month later they have grown a bit and are very colorful!They also got tank mates last week. They each have 2 ghost shrimp and 2 small cory cats. I am not sure if the tanks are big enough but they seem to all get along great.I have really fell for the little guys, I would of never thought I would be sitting in the kids room talking to fish all day:)
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Well after reading your posts I called up a friend of mine and he is willing to trade me 2 10g tanks for my 5g's and 10 bucks. Would a 10g be enough space for a betta and a group of cories? I also picked up some new filters today as my attempts to slow the flow of the ones we had did not work. I picked up two tetra whisper 10i's on the advice of a friend. hopefully those will work with the new tanks also.Have not opened them yet just to be safe. also I am looking into using sand instead of gravel in the new tanks. Thanks for all the advice guys!!
I have been reading up on sand and saw a thread about stirring it up alot. The cories are peppered. The 10 gallons will be here in the morning so I guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow. The best part is the kids are really getting into it. They are really excited and love to help me do water changes and such. This is my first go at keeping fish so it is a great learning experience for all of us. The 5 year old is already asking if we can put "real plants" in the tank......I think we will save that for after we get the hang of the fish:lol:
Thanks again everyone for the info

the pic in my avatar is Dotty! He was almost all white when we got him but his tail had blue dots all over it and thats how he got his name(5 year old logic)
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