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Hello all, First post, first tank.

I am wanting to get into tanks and have decided to go with a planted Betta tank first to get the plants down before I attempt multiple fish. I am wanting and have the room available for a 5 gallon perfectly. I have seen multiple 5 gallon planted Betta tanks online with amazing results. Most seem to have some shrimp and maybe some tetras, but all have had great results with the plant aspects.

The owner of the local aquarium shop says that a 5 gallon would be too small and difficult to maintain and I should go with at least a 10 gallon or up. He also did not sell anything below a 10 gallon and had them on sale. lol

I am really wanting to start small in this hobby and don't mind a little more care and attention to have a smaller tank.

Will a 5 gallon tank be too small? Are the ones I see online probably by very experienced people, or would I be able to do the same thing with time and patience?

Thanks for the input and am looking forward to getting into the aquarium hobby.
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