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Adding to what Cat has to say...

I just shipped from the Detroit (right on the US/Canadian border) to Canada and at $35 shipping rate it took 7 days for the fish to get there. To get it there inside of a week would cost just as much as them getting a Thai betta :(

Bettas are much more popular in Thailand, so there is more people breeding over there, and they've been doing it for right around a thousand years give or take. Where here on North america the most popular pets are cats and dogs, there it's Bettas.

Mostly i got into breeding because there's not much to choose from around here, but i won't even make a dent in the gap. And you run into the question of how many people want to buy one of the three color variations i have to offer? Even if i am selling equal quality fish for a fraction of the cost?

Honestly i don't know why some of these overseas betta farms don't just work out a deal with someone in the states, and ship hundreds of fish at a time over, and have their stateside partner put them on ebay or ab from here, spreading the cost so they're selling at $20-30 total, instead of paying close to $50 to ship a $10 fish. In the end, i bet they would sell more fish and probably even make more money per fish.
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