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I found it difficult to find bettas not on aquabid when I first started out. The first 6 sites I went to all said they were currently not breeding and had no immediate plans to. I found this forum and still had trouble finding bettas at that time. The classifieds here are like a running commentary and they start at beginning of thread which in many cases is over 1 yr old...then you have to dig through 20pages of "i love your fish. What a pretty boy" etc to even find updated recent not user friendly!
I of course, then found aquabid thread and that's all she wrote! I've bought 12 bettas through 5 breeders from Thailand. They are all courteous, helpful, prompt in returning emails, and honest!
All the fish came healthy, with fins intact, and all were the fish from the pics.
The transhipper I work with, Linda Olson, is prompt, professional, and caring.

Even if you're a newbie, most breeders will email you the first time w/ complete price to pay them, how transhipper works, and when the next delivery dates are. One of the breeders I bought from even figured where I was and listed next delivery dates for all transhippers near my state.
In comparison, I am still waiting on pm from breeder on this has been almost 2 mos!
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