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First time betta owner, how am I doing?

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Hi everyone. This is my first day of betta ownership. I purchased a 5.5 gallon tank, and a heater. Even baffled the filter's current seemed really strong, so I'm awaiting a sponge filter. My fish arrived two days earlier than I had planned on, and brought a foe with him. I ran out and got another tank (thankfully I had a spare heater) for the extra guy. I know my plants aren't the greatest and I need more hiding spots, but everything currently in both tanks passed the pantyhose test.

The first tank is the one I planned on (though it's not as finished as I wanted it to be.)

This one is the one I threw together in half an hour when I realized I had a second betta.

Do the tanks look safe so far? Anything I need to change immediately?
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They look great to me :) If you have a lid, I suggest filling it up all the way, but other than that I don't see any issues, and since they're 5G tanks, they still have enough space even when not filled. What temperature do you have them set to?

As long as you've conditioned the water and it's at the right temp, I would say you could start acclimating them right away :)
Don't you love the surprise!! second fish in the shipment box? Nothing like scrambling to make another tank ASAP (but it's fun too, isn't it?)! I only intended to have 2 bettas, but Freebie makes three.
The tanks are elcheapo Aqua Cultures from walmart, complete with giant cut outs that have since been covered with needle point canvas. Should I fill it all the way? I feel like the LED light would be submersed if I did that? Temp is at 80 and water has been conditioned with prime. I did a slow drip and both have been in their tanks for about two hours now (though my halfmoon did escape the bag shortly before I was ready for him to do so.) Haha, honestly I'd be mad about the freebie, but I was planning on getting second one provided I didn't horribly screw up the first one. Plus, the freebie is pretty cool looking.
Looks great! I would just be careful with plastic plants. Natural or silk plants are usually suggested because bettas fins are so very delicate and can be ripped up and torn by plastic. You can run panty hose over the plant to see if it catches to test it. If you can't do that just use your better judgment right now and feel the plants on your inner wrist or face (I know, the things we do for our fish!)
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