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It's very common for betta to have no appetite when you first get him.
The best thing to do is make the food smell. Squeeze some garlic cloves and soak the pellets in the garlic juice for a few minutes. This will make them smell very strongly and he'll be able to find them easier. Also for treats stick to frozen blood worms and brine shrimp, since I don't think freeze dried has enough odour. This will help get his appetite going, and if he can see, you won't have to do this anymore, but if he is blind you'll probably have to keep doing this for him until he learns a routine.

If he is blind, you may need some extra care with taking care of him.
Another thing you could try, would be to get a "feeding ring" at the pet store and put it in the corner. Feed him at roughly the same time every day so he will learn when it's feeding time. Also, blind fish don't like getting their decor moved around, since they memorize where everything is. He'll probably be bumping into things for a while if he is blind. Try a mirror test to.
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