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Fish TB? Very scared!!

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I thought my fish just had ammonia poisoning, but i'm worried something more might be going on. She has a crooked back, but she might have had it since she was a fry because I've seen her back go crooked a few times over the past few months, without any other symptoms.

I first started noticing symptoms of ammonia poisoning a few days ago. The first day, I noticed clamping, the second day I noticed very bent spine and gasping. Has to work a lot to swim down for some reason as well. Now, she stays at the top, really energetic and follows my finger around the tank, but she lays on her side a lot at the top of the tank. So I don't know exactly if she is lethargic or not. Have not fed her since I noticed these symptoms. A few of her blue scales look like they have been "chipping" off, but no sores or lesions that TB should cause. (I think?)

You can see my previous post for more info here

I do NOT want me or my family to catch this disease if she had it, so I don't know what to do. I've read a lot about fish TB and I heard that you can catch it if you come into contact with the water with cuts or torn cuticles. We just got a puppy so what do you know! I'm all scratched up and I didn't use gloves! :-( I also used the thermometer in her tank and just rinsed it and put it into my other tanks.. Ugh I don't know what to do.


Thank you for your help and encouragement. Please pray for me, that God would comfort me and my family in this time. Thank you all!
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poor light conditions as a fry can also lead to spinal deformities.
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