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Fish that can live in the Fluval Chi 6.6 gallon tank?

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This might sound weird, but I felt I should include the specific tank name because it is a tall tank, not a normal 6 gallon tank.. So yea, what are some good fish options other than bettas that can live in there?

Oh, and another question: Will snails crawl out of it? because it is, as many will know, a lidless fancy-smancy tank.

I sound dumb in this but it is 2 AM.. I'm tired.
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The minimum tank size for most fish is 10 gallons so no, you probably can't get anything other than a betta. And if you do get a betta you MUST get a lid because bettas are known to jump.
There most definitely are fish that can be kept in tanks smaller than ten gallons. The fish I would recommend are a trio of endlers, a trio of male guppies, and not much else assuming you don't have a lot of experience and don't have soft, acidic water.
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