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Well hi there.. I'm Beck.

I'm a ... temporary owner of a betta. At least for the moment :)

To explain more thoroughly I'm a 21 year old college student. I had a 10 gallon tank through high school and had a beta, a kissing fish, a glass fish, a neon tetra and a molly, and an algae eater in there. They may have been a bit crowded but they all seemed happy and lived quite a long time and I never had any real problems with my tank or my fishes' health. However, after having them for a few years it was time for college. My mom took care of my fishies while I was away and then when the last of them finally died, she closed the tank as I wasn't home to get or take care of any new fish.

In any case.. we've gotten a betta to use as a grand prize for our Vacation Bible School as it's fish themed (parents of winning child will be notified ahead and asked if it's okay / they're willing to help with care of fish). We've got methods in place to ensure that the winning child actually wants the fish etc so please don't lecture me. I did not come here for that lol. I will take responsibility for the fish and make sure winning child knows how to take care of it. If I'm not pleased with what I see, Fishy will be staying with me. So no worries on that.

Currently I'm pretty happy with the set up [which goes with Fishy to his new home] - I have a 3 gallon half-moon tank. It has a filter and it has a little bubble stick in there turned on the lowest setting possible. I'm intending to get some plants in there tomorrow, but didn't have a chance tonight - would have bought live ones at the pet store but I did not like the look of what was offered - their plants seemed a bit picked through. So we'll start with some plastic and I'll grow my own. [Fast growing plants that work in a three gallon? suggestions?]

I'm also slightly annoyed with PetLand where I got fishy from. I have always always had the tank up and running for two weeks before I added fish. However, when I went today to get a 3 gallon tank to use for this project, I was told that that was no longer necessary and if I got some Safe Start stuff to put in the water the fish can go in immediately. Needless to say.. I believed the worker. Having been reading here I'm realizing that these pet store people know a lot less than they want you to believe! Gr.

Luckily, Fishy seems to be doing okay (I'm trying to -avoid- giving him a name so as not to get anymore attached than I can avoid doing with a -gorgeous- young betta sitting on my bathroom sink counter for four weeks!). He's swimming around being very active in his tank and exploring. I'm so pleased he ate for me right off the bat ( a couple of freeze dried blood worms to start with as I thought he might prove to be a picky eater as I've had some bettas be a bit "Oh heck no. I'm not eating pellets. I want the good tasting stuff." after bringing them home, stress and what not).

I was also told by this worker he did not need a heater (VERY ticked off about that - it was never a concern before because my 10 gallon had one that came with it and it was always used when need be.) I will attempt to get a small heater I can put in tomorrow when I go get plant matter. For now I've made sure the water was warm and registered with a thermometer at 79 degrees and Fishy seems content and not lethargic so I think this'll have to do for the night. I also picked up ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite kit for water testing. [Will check these tomorrow and do a water exchange if need be.]

I have also been going to check on him in my bathroom like every single commercial break just to make sure he seems to be fine.

Is there anything else you guys think I need to do for Fishy?

I -think- he is a royal blue male veil tail (possibly double - I need to go back and look at his fins again)- but I've never tried to sex a betta before -either-.

I tried to get a couple of pictures of him, but he was being a stink and would go hide behind the filter whenever I took out my iPhone. Then he would wait until the iPhone was out of sight and come back out. If the phone came out again - right back to hiding. And I -swear- if a fish could laugh... he was.. I'll try again tomorrow when it's light out - as I'd really appreciate help knowing for sure if he is a boy or a girl.

Once I have the pictures should I go ahead and post them in this thread or in a different forum?

... Why do I suspect that this is going to make me want to get another fish myself after Fishy has gone to his new home? *sigh*... I just can't stay away....

-- All the Best, Beck :)

P.S. - Did NOT like what I was reading about this fast acting disease that seems to affect blue bettas more than any other color and kills in a matter of hours. EEP. *Looks at Fishy suspiciously* - Behave, Mister.
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