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flaring the neighboor

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I add a new betta yesterday to my gang. He has his own tank but I put him next to the others. I had already 2 tanks beside each other and the fishes did not care much about each other. So , I put the new tank next to the 2nd one and after few minutes, I noticed that they were flaring really hard to each other! Plus, it turned out that they have almost the same color pattern. So, I put a cardboard between the tank so they could not see each other anymore. But, gosh! They still flare like crazy! and most of the time, they are face to face without being able to REALLY see each other!! How could they know?? Have you ever seen this? Do they «feel» each other?
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They probably see their reflections. Place them somewhere apart and see if that makes any difference.
how would they see their reflections in a cardboard?
Lighting always plays a role on reflections even if there is cardboard, it was merely a suggestion.
Lighting always plays a role on reflections even if there is cardboard, it was merely a suggestion.
I understand it was a suggestion, I was just asking.
Sorry if you took it the wrong way:oops:
It's late I tend to come off as harsh as the night goes by. Sorry if I sounded off.
The lighting in the tank reflecting off of the glass sides could let him see his reflection. So even if there was cardboard between the tanks, they may still see themselves refecting back at them. If the lighting is brighter in the tank than it is in the room its in, there is always that chance. maybe put some plants or something there to kind of block them from seeing the side too much. Might help :)
idk about lighting but something it took me a while to figure out: even though i can see his reflection im almost positive he cant. if i look through the front of the tank the sides look like mirrors, however im pretty sure this is just an illusion, because if you look through the top or at any side from the inside theres no reflection, but idk why theyd flare at nothing so maybe they can see it somehow
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