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So for about two weeks now I've been battling this problem with one of my boys, I think it may have started out as a float bladder issues but I'm not too sure. He was having the typical float bladder/constipation issues not being about to stay up right, not eating, sinking, frantic swims to get air!

I treated him with epson salt, and fasted him for the standard 2-3 days and afterwards he seemed much better he wanted to eat, passed a massive poop and was doing great! Or so I thought...I noticed later that day he was still listing to his side, staying immobile for a long time and he started doing the frantic swim to the top again. I ended up removing him from his 2.5 gallon tank and placed him in a the dreaded PetCo cup after I noticed him sink to the bottom and not seem to be able to get back to the top, he kept sinking and struggling to get back to the middle point. I've also noticed him banging into the sides of his tank.

I went out and had a talk with someone from my local tropical fish store and they suggested it may be a float bladder infect and told me to give him some Bettafix (only a few drops and not the 9 the bottle says). But there doesn't seem to be much of a change. He swims relatively well, still bangs into the side though, he won't glare but he hasn't since I bought him so???? Also If it helps he lists mainly to his right side, but moves to breath and if I walk passed him he'll swim to greet me. I've also been trying to keep him at about 80.

Does anyone have any idea what I should do? I was planning on dividing my 10 for him and one of my other boys but I don't want to risk placing him in so much water as he doesn't seem to be able to make it to the top! I placed him in a 3 cup mason jar today and watched him for a few hours and he was having trouble getting to the top of that! So he's back in the cup with as much water as possible and the lid on loosely in case he jumps!
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